Crawlspace Ventilation

Preventive Maintenance is The Least Expensive Way To Save The Most Money   on conventional style / wood floor structure repairs by making sure your house has the proper amount of ventilation vents and a moisture & vapor barrier covering the ground in the crawlspace area.

This is essential when you have the area underneath your home enclosed with bricks or concrete blocks. Homeowners that have used other materials to enclose this area will also see problem like mold and rot develop if too much airflow is cut off, preventing the area from drying.

The exact location and number of vents are very important to the long-term care of the wood floor structure. With proper cross-ventilation airflow and a moisture & vapor barrier covering the ground under the wood floor structure, the conditions for rot and mold to develop are greatly diminished.

We recommend to homeowners with conventional structurals that you periodically (every 2-3 years) hire a foundation repairman to inspect the area under your house for developing problems such as rot, mold, split beams and joists, movement of the piers, termite signs and damage.

Rotted Wood Repair

Extensive Rotted Wood Damage Can Be A Budget Buster   if it is not caught early and finding someone with the experience to properly repair a wood floor structure can be quite a job itself. A conventional house with extensive rotted wood damage to the structure requires a high level of skill to repair.

If you have had your conventional or concrete foundation house repaired one or more times before by other foundation repairmen and are not satisfied with their work, we have the experience to correct the problems that remain or work poorly done. Correcting these problems constitutes a large part of our business.

There are competent foundation repair companies in the state and we are among the most experienced.

Owner Supervised Work

Throughout The Repair Work I will be supervising and working with the crew to ensure that the work meets the highest standards.

My professional integrity and the integrity of our work is invested in each job we are hired to undertake.

Plumping Repair

Plumping Problems   are often found under 20-30 year old houses, usually problems with drain and sewer line breaks. We can repair these problems along with the other work we are hired to perform.

Statewide Service

We are a statewide   and rural service areas foundation repair business that has repaired conventional and concrete slab houses across Mississippi and in five other states. We would be pleased to have you call us to take a look at the problems you have with your house.

Estimates By Owner

Jackson Metro Area - $50
Outside Metro Area - $100 - $300

Serving the Jackson, Mississippi Metro Area and the entire state for 38-years.
Below is a short list of the cities and towns in our service area.

   Batesville,  MS
   Biloxi,  MS
   Brandon,  MS
   Brookhaven,  MS
   Byram,  MS
   Canton,  MS
   Clarksdale,  MS
   Cleveland,  MS
   Clinton,  MS
   Columbia,  MS
   Crystal Springs,  MS
   Flora,  MS
   Florence,  MS
   Flowood,  MS
   Foxworth,  MS
   Greenville,  MS
   Greenwood,  MS
   Gulfport,  MS
   Hazlehurst,  MS
   Hattiesburg,  MS
   Holly  Springs,  MS
   Jackson,  MS
   Kosciusko,  MS
   Liberty,  MS
   Madison,  MS
   Magee,  MS
   Mendenhall,  MS
   Meridian,  MS
   Monticello,  MS
   Mount  Olive,  MS
   Natchez,  MS
   Pascagoula,  MS
   Pearl,  MS
   Picayune,  MS
   Raymond,  MS
   Richland,  MS
   Ridgeland,  MS
   Rolling  Fork,  MS
   Starkville,  MS
   Terry,  MS
   Tupelo,  MS
   Tylertown,  MS
   Vancleave,  MS
   Vicksburg,  MS
   Waynesboro,  MS
   Yazoo  City,  MS