About Us

I am Paul Reed   and I have been in the foundation repair business for 38-years. I take your calls, assess the cost of the repairs, supervise the work and get my hands just as dirty as the other men to make sure the repairs are properly completed.

If you live in Mississippi there is likely a house near you that I have repaired.

My outlook is to continue on the path I began the first day I knocked on a homeowner's door, and that is to strive every day to be among the very best foundation repair contractors in this business, being thorough and using methods that have a proven record of success.

Yazoo Clay

Due to the nature of things in Mississippi, Yazoo Clay,  there will always be work for foundation repair contractors.

Wood framed structures are less susceptible to the swelling and contracting conditions of Yazoo Clay due to the fact that a conventional structure built on piers allows the clay to swell in most areas underneath the house. A house built on a concrete slab restricts this swelling and contracting motion of the clay as a result of water being absorbed and removed (drying).

Adequate drainage away from the foundation is the most common solution used to control the problems with Yazoo Clay.


Repairs are significantly more expensive when you pay twice for the same work.

The lowest bid can sometimes result in too many corners being cut on the repairs, where a sufficient number piers are not built, treated wood not used, joists, sills and rotted beams not replaced, precast concrete pads used to build the piers on rather than poured concrete, needed beams are not added, additional ventilation vents not installed, broken drain lines ignored and grout not pumped underneath the concrete slab to put the slab back in contact with the ground so that it is not left hanging in the air to create further problems.

Hiding the true cost of all the repairs from the homeowner by cutting corners only prolongs the problems with the foundation and in many cases adds to the ones never addressed.

Homeowners do not see most of the repairs made to the foundation and this creates opportunities for less reputable businessmen in our profession.

We are slightly higher than some foundation companies on the cost of the repairs and we want you understand why.

Structural Engineers

The size of some structures,  the complexity of the structural problems and insurance concerns can lead to the involvement of a structural engineer to ensure that foundation problems are resolved in a manner that satisfies all parties.

We have worked with many engineers across the state and are comfortable with their involvement. If you feel that an engineer is needed in the process, we know of many that we can recommend.

The majority of the time your foundation problems will not rise to the level of difficulty that requires the need of an engineer.

Statewide Service

We are a statewide   and rural service areas foundation repair business that has repaired conventional and concrete slab houses across Mississippi and in five other states. We would be pleased to have you call us to take a look at the problems you have with your house.

Estimates By Owner

Jackson Metro Area - $50
Outside Metro Area - $100 - $300

Serving the Jackson, Mississippi Metro Area and the entire state for 38-years.
Below is a short list of the cities and towns in our service area.

   Batesville,  MS
   Biloxi,  MS
   Brandon,  MS
   Brookhaven,  MS
   Byram,  MS
   Canton,  MS
   Clarksdale,  MS
   Cleveland,  MS
   Clinton,  MS
   Columbia,  MS
   Crystal Springs,  MS
   Flora,  MS
   Florence,  MS
   Flowood,  MS
   Foxworth,  MS
   Greenville,  MS
   Greenwood,  MS
   Gulfport,  MS
   Hazlehurst,  MS
   Hattiesburg,  MS
   Holly  Springs,  MS
   Jackson,  MS
   Kosciusko,  MS
   Liberty,  MS
   Madison,  MS
   Magee,  MS
   Mendenhall,  MS
   Meridian,  MS
   Monticello,  MS
   Mount  Olive,  MS
   Natchez,  MS
   Pascagoula,  MS
   Pearl,  MS
   Picayune,  MS
   Raymond,  MS
   Richland,  MS
   Ridgeland,  MS
   Rolling  Fork,  MS
   Starkville,  MS
   Terry,  MS
   Tupelo,  MS
   Tylertown,  MS
   Vancleave,  MS
   Vicksburg,  MS
   Waynesboro,  MS
   Yazoo  City,  MS